Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

Marcia Christie's Place

About Me

My Background

Influenced by creative and inventive parents, I dabbled in many different mediums.  Eager to improve and inform my skills I attended Sheridan College in Oakville and graduated with an advanced diploma in Craft and Design, majoring in glass.

My Medium

I work in many different visual art mediums: textiles, cast hot and blown glass; pencil and paint, and photography.  As well, I enjoy writing poetry and short stories.

My Inspiration

My passion is fueled by a desire to create and make with my hands.  I am enchanted with nature around me and inspired by the creative people I adore.

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Marcia Christie's Place

Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

The glass art work displayed on Marcia Christie's Place are representative of my work.  However some of the pieces have been sold and are not available for purchase.  Please contact me if you would like to know what is available for purchase, sizes, prices, and other details.